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Linux Install Help!

I want to install spark on Fedora Core 4 i have the tarball downloaded, now what do I do? there doesnt seem to be any install docs anywhere!



Well, there is supposed[/i] to be one. http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/spark/docs/latest/README.html has links to it, but they cant be found. So would some developer please correc this?

As for directions to install in linux, its easy. First, lets assume you are installing this for just yourself, and the file is in your home directory.

You need to untar the file, like so:

tar -zxvf spark_1_1_4.tar.gz /code

This will make a directory Spark in your home directory. Any time you want to run Spark, go into that directory (cd Spark), and run the Spark script like this:

./Spark /code

Or, you can optionally add a menu item or run the command like this:

$HOME/Spark/Spark /code

If you want to install Spark for all users on the system, then untar the tarball as the root user in the /usr/local/ directory:

cd /usr/local

tar -zxvf /home/username/spark_1_4_1.tar.gz


You end up with a /usr/local/Spark directory, and you should put a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin like this:

ln -s /usr/local/Spark/Spark /usr/local/bin/Spark /code

After doing this, then any user can just run the Spark command to start Spark, assuming /usr/local/bin in in the user’'s $PATH, which is very typicall.