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Linux Install Howto for Non GUI machine

I am in the process of installing openfire on a centos5 server with no gui to speak of. I notice the configuration utlity needs to be run from inside a browser local to the machine. I have the first part done, rpm downloaded and unpackaged. Isn’t there some way to confire the chat server from a configuration file?

Is there any guide to installing openfire without a GUI. in other words 100% command line install?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Ok, so I spoke with a freind and he advised that I just use port forwarding to port 9090 through putty on my local machine, worked like a dream

see link for more info


my settings instead of proxy, I put “localhost” in the tunnel tab so that the connection information is like the following

L 9090:localhost:9090

then all you have to do is log in, and type localhost:9090 in your browser… and voila…