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Linux single instance and xmpp uri support

Hi Everyone,

My apologies if this has been covered before. I’ve done some searching and haven’t found anything addressing this issue. I manage a mixed environment of Linux, Windows, and Mac systems all using Spark as the default IM client. I would like to enable xmpp URIs in our intranet pages to automatically bring up a Spark window to IM the selected user. I’ve been successful in Windows by editing userprefs.js for firefox and setting the protocol handler in the registry for IE. So far on Linux I’ve had no luck. I’m only concerned about Firefox here, so the userprefs.js is all I care about. When I tell it to use /usr/bin/spark as the handler for xmpp it always wants to start a new instance of spark. I think Spark would need to support DBus or something similar to make it use the already running instance. Does Spark support DBus? Is there some other way to configure this?

Thanks for any advice.


Hi, same problem here on Mac.

As far as i can tell xmpp uri handling is a windows only hack. It only works if you build the exe file with install4j or exe4j.

Would like to see a Mac howto / workaround for xmpp uri handling.

regards oliver