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List all users when logged in

I am a newbie and have been searching the docs for an answer. I hope this is simple. I have successfully installed the server and can communicate between 2 clients.

However, I would like to be able to login and all registered users appear in the list instead each user needing to search each other out and know each other’s login to communicate with each other.

Is this a setting somewhere that I am missing?

The next thing I want to do is put the users in groups based on location. Is that something the users can do, or must I do it using the admin console?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hi sflack,

I think you can do the global shared roster via the registration plugin, which would basicly put every new user into a shared group.

As far as adding users to groups, I think that is something you must do via the admin console.

HTH and I may be wrong on both accounts


Hey Shawn,

Welcome to Ignite realtime!

The feature that you are asking for is called shared groups. Shared groups will let you populate rosters from the server. You just need to log into the admin console and create the groups that you need. Set the visibility of the group to define users that will be able to see the group and its members. Users and Groups can be integrated with LDAP if you need to do that. By default, they are stored in the database (i.e. its not integrated with LDAP or any other back end).


– Gato

Is that something the users can do, or must I do it using the admin console?

The Helga-Bot does allow group administration from your jabber client using normal chat messages.

Thank you! I’ve spent about 4 or 5 hours playing with this now and it’s AWESOME! I think this is exactly what I need.

Thanks everybody for your help. Hopefully I can become knowledgeable and help others.