List of API changes in OF 3.6.0?

It was mentioned that there were some API changes in OF 3.6.0. Some time ago I asked in this thread, if I could get a list of all of these changes in OF 3.6.0. A simple list of class names and method names would be sufficient, if the new behaivior is documented well in the JavaDocs. Then someone could compare old vs. new JavaDoc.

Daniel Henninger wrote:
I intend to post something in the openfire developers forum about it actually =) just got too tired. an API changes section in the changelog might not be a bad idea though. I’ll think about that.
Does this exist already somewhere? I didn’t find it?

It would be very helpful for plugin developers as me. My plugins are working deep in the system, so please document all API changes. Ok, I could make a big recursive diff on the source code of 3.5.2/3.6.0, but that would take much time…

Things I found accidentally:

  • Group#getSharedGroupsNames()
  • GroupManager#getGroup(String, boolean)
  • GroupManager#isPropertyReadOnly()
  • GroupProvider#getSharedGroupsNames()