List of problems with openfire 3.7.0


Sorry, I’m French.

Above all, I thank the developers of Openfire and the community for their outstanding (remarkable) work.

I recently upgraded my installation of Openfire and made an installation.

Here is my report on version 3.7.0:

Problems with 3.7.0

Concerns an update of 3.6.3 to 3.7.0

Concerns a new installation 3.7.0

Concerns Openfire with use of a database Mysql 5.x on ubuntu hardy 8.04

java version “1.6.0_22”

Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_22-b04)

Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 17.1-b03, mixed mode, sharing)

Client side:

  1. In the account of a person, certain contacts together in one file may exit at the next login.



  1. Communication with contacts from other xmpp servers is no longer possible, they are not receiving the messages, it receives no messages from me but we see the contacts but they do not see us.

Server side:

  1. There may have plugins installed that are displayed in the list of available plugins, thereby preventing a possible uninstall because no icon appears in the column “Install”.


Plugins side:

  1. We need the plugin "Kraken IM Gateway version 1.1.3beta3 for gateways work.

  2. The plugin “Jingle Nodes Plugin” has no language file, it displays the text as “??Jn.settings.title??”.


I wanted to do a backspace in 3.6.3 but the list of modules to be largely reduced. Any idea?

Thank you ^^

  1. I can’t understand the first part with screenshots.

There is a bug with s2s i think, that’s why you can’t communicate with other servers. OF-443

  1. screenshot shows Jingle Nodes issue, can’t understand what icons are missing.

Yes, you have to use Kraken 1.1.3 Beta 3 and there is no better or stable version working with 3.7.0 so far. This beta works fine

Jingle Nodes issue OF-444

Can’t understand the last question.

Thanks for responses ^^

For "1. I can’t understand the first part with screenshots."
It’s not important and It is possible that the problem comes from kopete in kde 4.6.1

For “2. screenshot shows Jingle Nodes issue, can’t understand what icons are missing.”

Oops ! The screenshot openfire_pb_4.png is for the first question of “Server side” and the openfire_pb_3.png is for the second question of “Plugins side”.

The plugin “fastpath webchat’” is installed but it appears in list “available plugin”…

For “I wanted to do a backspace in 3.6.3 but the list of modules to be largely reduced. Any idea?”

Missing plugins in the list of available plugins, the list goes from ~20 to less than 10 plugins availables.

Fastpath Webchat plugin is not updated for 3.7.0, that’s why this issue arise. You should use this file

Most plugins has been updated for 3.7.0 so they will not show up in the Available list if you install older version of Openfire. If you need some specific plugin for 3.6.4 (probably should work with 3.6.3 also), then tell me and i will attach older version of this plugin here. - thanks to oiram we have older plugins for 3.6.4 available

Thanks Wroot !

But I find this ftp:
Which contains many of the missing plugins and with version just before 3.7.0

I switch back to version 3.6.x, and it’s ok !

Thank you all ^^

For informations, the Kraken plugins work fine with Openfire 3.6.3 !

It certainly seems to be broken in 3.7.0.

I am evaluating openfire for a corporate IM server and being able to connect to Yahoo is a requirement. When I upgraded 3.7.0 and rebuilt kraken it ran fine for about 4 days. This morning I found the server was off into lala land. Port 5222 was no longer availble and the admin console disconnected as soon as the GET was sent. I removed kraken,.jar, restarted openfire and things went back to normal.

I’m off to downgrade now.