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Live statistics from SQL


I’d like to be able to hack something together to show live chat usage stats, without having to give managers access to the Full Openfire admin portal.

In the admin portal, statistics, I see “Current Users”, “Active Conversations” etc. I’ve poked around the database, but can’t locate this.

Does anyone know where these stats are stored, so I can pull them out & display them to our managers?

I think this live stats are in the memory and only flushed to a db (if at all) on a time interval. So, i don’t think you will be able to pull **live **stats from the db.

What I’d like to do is be able to get the same stats that are shown in the Openfire portal. Is there any way to get at those?

I’m not a developer myself, so i may be wrong, but i think you should look at Monitoring plugin source and there should be some PacketInterceptors or stuff like that, that you should be able to use to make your custom live stats board.


Wroot is correct in that the data for generating the stats are cached and saved to the database so it would be possible to have an external application query those tables, assuming you’re using an external database, to recreate the graphs you’re seeing in the monitoring plugin.

Another option you could take, aside from writing your own plugin, would be to tweak the existing monitoring plugin so that the pages you want can be accessed without requiring a login. I’ve attached a screenshot of what is possible by copying the existing Statistics page (stats-dashboard.jsp), making one change, saving it as public-stats-dashboard.jsp and adding a few lines to the plugin itself. It’s not the most attractive thing to look at, but it might be a good starting point.

If you’d like to know how to do this let me know.



Does anyone know how to do the public-stats-dashboard. The poster has not been online for awhile.