Load multiple conference rooms via automation


I’ve been googling for the last couple of days in an attempt to find a method of loading up chat rooms depending on various rules that we check as the user logs into the computer.

I did see this: Command Line Startup Options. It works great for loading a single chat room. This works for a number of our users, but not the majority of them as we want most of them to join more than one chat room (their location and function governs these). I would like to be able to load more than one chat room when Spark launches. If it can be done from a shortcut using a commandline string, great. If not, I’m sure I can work around it. I just need to know how. Any ideas?

For the record, I would prefer that this is all done programmatically. I don’t want the users to have to worry about finding the chat room again and then re-setting it up to load at startup using a bookmark. We’re using Spark 2.6.3 and Openfire 3.8.2.


Install the Client Control plugin in Admin Console, then go to Server > Client Management > Group Chat Bookmarks. You can create bookmarks for rooms, assign them to groups or individual users and set Auto Join option.

I like how you’re thinking, but I’m not sure that it will meet the requirement we have. :slight_smile: We need to be able to have a user go to one location and get one conference room (plus others), then the next day go to another location and get another conference room (plus others).

Bookmarks are stored on the server in the user’s Private Storage. I don’t think they can be accessed/altered via scripts. So the only way is to just open multiple rooms somehow, but other than startup options you have found i don’t know of any other way.