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Load on the smack client in the App server side


I am using openfire server to pass data from N senders to M receivers. Its not a chat application. the sender will send the data and the receiver(who is a web browser) will receive the data and plot the data in the google map. And the data sent by the senders has to be stored too in database. I thought of having a global receiver so that all senders will send the data to their intended receiver and also to global receiver. The global receiver will receive data for 24hrs and insert in the database. so far good. On the browser side it ll send the username and password and the client in the app server will connect to the XMPP using this credentials and get the data and give it to browser. If this is the case how do I retrieve data if I have my 2000 concurrent receivers?..for each message I need should i ask the browser to give the credentials to the client and client gets the message from XMPP??..This doesnt sound good as I need to connect/disconnect to XMPP for each messageā€¦

Do i have any other way to perform this???