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Loading user list

So I’m dumb and probably overlooked the obvious. How do I load my AD users into the buddy list automatically. Essentially we’re looking to have it so when someone logs in, they automatically show up on everyone elses buddy list. We don’t want to have to have our users add a new user from AD by hand everytime someone new comes into the company. Makes sense?

I second this question; I’ve read through all the documentation I have come across and no where does it say how to do this.

After much clicking around I finally found it.

In the “Users/Groups” tab, go to “Group Summary”. Then select the group you want to show up in everyone’s contact list. Make sure that “Enable contact list group sharing” is selected, then enter in a group name. Press save contact list settings and like magic the group and its members show up in Spark. Also, it looks like if you select “share group with additional users” even if the user isn’t a member of the group, the group will still show up in Spark for them.

After more testing my new question is, how often does Openfire poll AD? I added a user to the group in AD, but the membership change isn’t reflected in Openfire; it’s been about 10 minutes.

Another update; after a few more minutes the group showed the change in the Openfire admin console. I’m guessing Openfire polls AD every 15 - 20 minutes. However, the Spark clients still did not reflect the change. I logged in and out of Spark; still no change. I then rebooted the client computer and still the group membership didn’t show any change in Spark. I wound up going back into the admin console, disabled then enabled the contact list group sharing, and saved the settings. That worked and I hope that isn’t something I need to do whenever groups are updated.