Local and LDAP users database


My problem seems to be quite simple, but I can’t find an answer anywhere.

I have configured OpienFire server with LDAP (AD) users authentication. Everything works fine, contact list in Jitsi is being populated automatic, groups works fine and so on.


It would be very helpful to have two users databases.

Example: I have all my employees in AD - standard scenario. All of them are in chat server via LDAP. But from time to time external contractor comes into the company. Or an intern. Or a studen. Or a guest of some kind.

Now, if I want to add him to our chat server I need to create an account in my AD which is not most elegant way to handle it.

I would like to create a chat user account directly on the server, but I can’t:

“Not allowed: the user account system is read-only.”

Is there any way to baypass it? Maybe there is some plugin that allows that?