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Local broadcast was sent to gateway contact

I’m not sure, maybe this is Spark issue. But as it’s related to gateways, i think i’ll post it here.

Today some unpleasant thing happend.

I was chating with one MSN contact via Openfire 3.4.1, IM Gateway 1.2.0 and Spark 2.5.8. Then i decided to send a broadcast to some local xmpp users. So i have selected them in roster, right clicked and selected broadcast. Send it. Broadcast dialog said it was send only to 2 local users. But that MSN contact received that broadcast too. I dont know is it reproducable. But it sounds to be critical issue. Because one can expose some sensitive information outside without even knowing about it.

It seems more a Spark issue to me.

And i have remembered one more issue that i had with Whiteboard plugin for Spark:

Today i have sent a broadcast with Spark to 50 users and have got 20 answers. And then i have closed all of them often without a reply even. Now i have opened chat window with my coworker and invoked whiteboarding session. And Spark is throwing 20 dialogs asking if i want to start whiteboard session with all users i have got broadcast replies previously.