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Locale settings

Hi Bill,

I saw some more “problems” which localized settings. I switched my profile from German to British English so that the Spell Checker is running fine again (for those who wonder, spell checking is afaik currently related to the locale settings instead of the forum language American English).

forumindex.jspa is fine with “Last Post 08-May-2006 20:52” but

profile.jspa?userID=7315 contains “Registered: 24.01.05” and

search!default.jspa - “Date Range: Last Year - 01.01.05” and

login.jspa - “Newest Topics May 26, 2006 12:19 PM” and

Recent Thread “popup” - “Last Post: 26/05/06”

look all like one wants to do some work there.


PS: I still wonder why you want to run Windows on your MacBook

Posted: 2006.5.26 20.34

so, there the zeroes are gone? For me it looks better like this: 2006.05.26 20:34