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Lock Down Spark

I am deploying openfire with spark clients in our organization and was wondering if there was anyway to lock down the preferences options for the spark client i did find some article about creating a script to load preferences on login but i was wondering if there is a way in openfire to do this?


Same scenario here. We’ve been using Spark for years in our organization. We’d like to tailor it down on some clients to be as simpler as a pager. This way users will not be able to change settings, nor add contacts. In paralell with the packet filter, the aim is to implement a notification system based on our Openfre + Spark infrastructure.


My first thought was to lock down the directory that the spark preferences are saved to…if you took away write rights to that directory, they wouldn’t be able to save the changes…

Yes, but they will be able to alter them for the current session.

Kyle, few options are available in Openfire via Client Control plugin. But there are no option for settings lock down or removing some options. This would involve modifying the code and compiling your own customized version.

I had the same question a while ago. I ended up building a NetBeans environment and modifying the code to tailor to my organization’s needs. It’s actually pretty easy considering I have no Java programming experience. Let me know if you have any questions since I’ve pretty much found all the settings I needed to lock down and can probably give you some insight.

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To get you started here are some links:



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Thanks madj42. I’ve followed your guidelines, installed Netbeans and , exactly as in your case, I’m finding it no difficult at all to accomodate the code to my needs.


This capability (DISABLE_PREFERENCES_MENU_ITEM) will be available in Spark version 2.8.2