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Lock Down XML to permit ONLY SSL Connects?

Hi All,

As with Jabber.XML, can you specify a modification to the Jive Messenger code to only allow connects over the SSL port? In JabberD this is done by modifying one or two lines of code.

I haven’'t found a file similar to jabber.xml in the install directory. I only ask because there is not an option in the Administrator to only allow SSL connections.

This server would be an upgrade to JabberD 1.4.2 so I need that function as a security requirement.

Once we figure out the GAIM/Trillian SSL Connect problem, this will be my next change to the server. Other than that, I would make my own SSL cert.


  • Ken


We need to get this added to the admin console so that it’'s easier to configure. However, see the following thread for info: