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Locked Out of OpenFire

So, I left work last night and Openfire was working perfectly fine. However, when I arrived this morning, Suddenly no logins work through Spark. I tried logging into the admin console, which also came up with “invalid username or password”. Now, I know that my login information is correct, as all of our users are set up through LDAP. I also don’t want to reinstall, because I am terrible with LDAP, and I don’t want to go stumble through setting it up again. Is there anything I can try?

Okay, so I got into the admin console once right after stopping and starting the service. But then as soon as I logged out, I had the same issue, saying I had the wrong login. Any thoughts? Any input is appreciated!

Maybe you domain user account which is accessing LDAP in Openfire is locked or something?

No, I checked. I can still log onto computers via the server, and can still access LDAP for our email address books and what-not. I’m not sure what’s going on, though I’m not particularly great when it comes to anything networking related. =(