Locking down spark users

I’'m looking for a way to keep certain users from adding their own contacts/groups. Our main goal is to restrict what users can chat with other users. Any thoughts?



you don’'t need to have one on your roster to chat with her (“Actions, Start Conversation”).

There is the Subscription Plugin http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jsp which allows to reject all subscriptions and to maintain a white list. But this will not block p2p communication or even better MUC communication and I assume that everyone can create a new chat room and send invitations currently.

There is also the content filter, but it’'s main purpose is to filter message content and not “to/from” pairs and I wonder whether this works. And if it does how easy it is to maintain such a list.

Wildfire also supports privacy lists, so the client can control which users it blocks.

You are asking in the Spark forum, so I assume that you are looking for a client solution, which seems for me a very bad idea because one can manage it even worse than one in a server.


I really don’‘t care if we restrict in wildfire or somehow in spark. I’'m just looking for a good solution to restrict users from adding or talking to users that we have not granted. From what you are stating below it sounds like privacy list on wildfire is the best way to go?