Locking down spark

I’'m interested in finding or creating a registry key for locking down spark for certain users.

  1. I want to disable their ability to shut off message archiving

  2. I sould like to be able to set the path of where messages are archived.

Any help in this regard wold be greatly appreciated.



if I remember right 1. is stored in %USERPROFILE%\Spark\settings.xml so you’'d need to make this file read-only but this would prevent the users to change a lot of other things, also the password may be stored there.

@2.: I have no idea whether one can configure this.


I think you have to pay for the $300 Spark customization toolkit to get speacial features like that.

I’'d like to see Wildfire also control the clients setup centrally.

… or have a java developer around which patches the code. While I think this will be more expensive for most companies.


Are you wanting to force archival on for the user’‘s benefit or your company’'s (big brother)?

If it is the latter, I would consider archiving at the server only and not requiring a client setting to fulfil that need. Wildfire has built-in support for this under Server -> Server Settings -> Message Audit Policy.

I would suspect that the Jive Software team will build more integration between Wildfire and Spark in their next releases. They may even add a sort of policy distribution system that would have spark inherit settings based on a user’'s policy settings.

I’'ve been fooling around with the SVN feeds. I can compile it to a java app, that was easy. But… If I knew how to compile the build into an installable executable… (any hints would be nice, )


there are two things. One is the java launcher (Spark.exe) and one is the MSI (everything else is not fine for Windows users) installer. I have no idea about both, but Spark.exe can be replaced by a Spark.cmd script which launches javaw.exe instead of java.exe. Then you see javaw.exe and not Spark.exe in the Task Manager but most users can live with this.



That’‘s basically how I run Spark on my machine (building daily too, grin). I use a custom built .bat file to run javaw.exe, etc etc. I was mostly concerned with deployment. It would be vastly easier for me to deply an installable .exe rathar than a file set. Not impossible, just easier. You’'ve given me some other ideas I might play with though. Thanks.

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