Locking users from registering with transport from client

Hello there!

I’'m evaluating wildfire for use on my company and it rocks!

The centralized LDAP based roster feature is what i’'ve been waiting for all these years! Enough with ICQ Groupware!

And now with the transport plugin, it fits ALL of my needs! Thank you guys for such great software!

One question (to begin with…), how can I configure the server so that users are unable to register new accounts with tha transport from the client? I want it so that only the admins can register MSN account on the server.

We’'re using neos because it was the client that better interoperated with the LDAP roster. Pretty good software too, and localized (I live in Brazil).

Right now I can login to my MSN account with no problems, but message exchanging isn’‘t working too well, haven’'t quite figured out why. Anybody seen this as well?

Many thanks for all the help!

– Alex

Hi Alex,

the gateways are all beta releases so one may indeed be a little bit disappointed about some functions and message formatting. Anyhow Daniel did create already GATE-7 to add ACL support to the plugin but this will as far as I can tell not be resolved soon as it is more a nice-to-have than a must-have feature, especially as long as the transports are in a beta state.


As for the message exchanging… “something has happened”. I have not yet tracked down exactly what’‘s going on but “supposedly” MSN has changed something. I’'m still investigating. I still seem to be able to use PyMSNt, which is a little odd.

BTW, ICQ groupware??? What’'s that?? Just never heard of it.

Hi Daniel,

download it here ftp://ftp.icq.com/pub/ICQ_Win95_98_NT4/GroupWare/ if you like it. It’'s for 200 users and from ICQ - so one must love it^^.


lol and for windows, so not particularly useful to me anyway ;D

That’'s the whole point! Windows only!

We’'re migrating everything (we can…) over to linux. Servers initially, and with time, maybe even the desktops (our ERP documenting system is windows only… it works with MS office).

Anyway, thank you for the reply.

Let me just ask a quick question here, how can I get vcards from LDAP with wildfire?

– Alex

Hi Alex,

please post the vCard question in the Wildfire forum if you still need help after reading the documentation and probably searching the Wildfire forum.


==> Wildfire Documentation

==> LDAP Guide - LDAP vCard Integration