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Log.directory property ignored

Morning all,

I’ve just configured this product for evaluation as an instant messaging solution (on CentOS 4.4), and I’ve found a wee problemo that a search on this site nor a google can help me solve. Firstly, I want to ensure all openfire logs are directed into /var.

I have created a /var/log/openfire directory, owned by openfire:openfire (the account that openfire runs as). I have updated the OPENFIRE_LOGDIR entry in /etc/sysconfig/openfire, and that works for the nohup.out, and I assume the audit logs (not tested). On reading of that entry, it mentions a log.directory property be created, which I have done in the admin console, and then issued a restart. At this point, I fully expected the logs to move from /opt/openfire/logs (which is bad default location for logs) to /var/log/openfire, but I was disappointed to find it still logging in the original location.

Anyone found a solution to this, or have I done something a bit wrong?



Oh, I’m using Openfire 3.3.2 (the rpm version).