Log files

Hey guys,

I have the monitoring extension installed, but was wondering where it saves the data? We’d like to write some scripts to parse the text and make it available in a .txt so we can periodically post it to a wiki board as a reference for old discussions.

Thanks for the help!

Monitoring plugin saves the data in the database.

Ah okay - I’ve found the data. Is there already some development on a webpage for allowing user access to the archives?

If you mean is there some development on the Monitoring plugin, then there is no. It is not maintained for years and i don’t know if it will someday.

Ok bummer - and there’re no other plugins that log chat conversations are there?

There is a standard feature - Server Settings > Message Audit Policy, which if enabled will store conversations in the log files. You can then parse those files (xml) to create readable content. There is old parser with a source code, which you can use as an example. http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1874