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Log out with reason not working


Just installed Openfire 3.6.4, and Spark 2.5.8.

MS SQL Server 2005, LDAP (AD) Authentication.

It’s working pretty good.

I am having issues with “Log out with reason”. Here’s the scenario:

User JohnDoe logs out with reason, and types a message (say something like, “On vacation till end of next week”.)

User JaneDoe is logged in to Spark prior to JohDoe logging out. She can see the reason of JohnDoe’s log out.

But, if a JimmyDoe logs in after JohnDoe has logged out, or if JaneDoe logs out and logs back in, they cannot see the reason of JohnDoe’s logout.

How do I enable the system to remember JohnDoe’s logout reason, for all others to see till JohnDoe logs back in.