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Log reader Time zone setting

i’m using this
as the log reader , found that , the time zone display out from log reader seem to be incorrect .
is there anyway to make it display at the correct time zone ?

I don’t quite understand. Please explain with more details or examples. Also, this is a community contributed plugin, not an official one (and not maintained for many years), so it might have issues with newer Openfire versions.

let have a screenshot for easier explanation
above the chating windows is the correct time zone display @ (GMT+8)

from the server log reader . the there is no setting for the time zone . the time seem to be display in incorrect time zone .I’ve check the server’s time are at correct time zone , also the openfire server is set at correct time zone .
I believe is the log reader which don’t have the timezone setting . anyidea ?

i restarted the openfire server . problem seem to be resolved…