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Log to Database

Can jive log messages to database (hopefully with broken our from, to and message) instead of a log file?

Logging to the database isn’'t currently supported, but the feature request has been recorded already as JM-149. Please feel free to vote for the issue.



Just a suggestion for you.

If you queue all the messages into the SQL database (broken out into fields of course) then we could simply write a trigger to move them to another table for archiving.

From what I can gather you only queue the offline messages into the database.

I just set up the server yesterday, and I’'m impressed with nearly everything but the documentation.

I see the option to log chat conversations (for chat rooms, which is all I’'m interested in), but when I try to locate the log file, I see it is only written into the database.

I don’'t know how to access this database (the standard embedded one) … is there any way to tell it to log to file (the opposite of the above users request)?