Log Viewer Page - Not Displaying Logs

Has anyone else had an issue with the logs not displaying from the Server Manager -> Logs page? I get the details of the log file such as the size and modified date and time, but the results seem to be missing now.

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64 LTS

Ver: Openfire 3.9.1 (haven’t yet upgraded due to SSO breaking with 3.10.x)

Java: 1.6.0_36 Sun Microsystems Inc. – OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

I also have a test box running Ubuntu 14.04 x64 LTS, with Java 1.7.0_79 OpenJDK and the logs are also not visible within the web portal. Same results upgrading the test box to Openfire 3.10.2. I’ve also upgraded to Java 8 on the test box using both 3.9.1 and 3.10.2 with the same results.

Two things I’d think to check.

First make sure ownership and permissions are configured correctly.

Second will be check any OS security setup.

On Ubuntu it’ll be apparmor. For testing you can set it to complain but for a permanent fix I’d recommend adding a profile for Openfire.

I use CentOS and not Ubuntu so for me I have to configure for selinux and won’t be of much help with setting up AppArmor profiles.

The openfire user has read/write access to the log files and the openfire group and other has read access.

For testing purposes I stopped AppArmor and did a teardown. I then restarted the openfire service and the logs were still not visible. I then gave full read/write/execute permission to the openfire user, the openfire group, and other. Restarted the openfire service again and the logs are still not visible.

Possible java issue?

I setup a new Ubuntu 14.04 box with OpenFire 3.10.2 and didn’t run into this problem. Used OpenJDK 1.7.0_79. Didn’t have to do anything with AppArmor at all as well so that isn’t likely to be the problem.

I installed on two different systems from both tar.gz and the debian package.

I would guess it cannot access the files themselves for some reason but it can access the logs folder. That would let it get the file information such as size and date modified but prevent actually opening the files.

Not sure what would cause that on two separate boxes with different versions of Ubuntu and Openfire.

Thank you for your time Frank. On a whim I tried accessing the admin page from IE instead of my usual Chrome. The logs were visible in IE. Then I tested FireFox just to see and they weren’t visible from FireFox either.

The common denominator to both Chrome and FireFox is that I recently moved over to the uBLock Origin Ad Blocker extension. Disabling uBlock on the openfire admin page brings the log windows back up in both FireFox and Chrome.

fyi, sso works with 3.10.2. Although I haven’t tested it with ubuntu or any other client other than spark… I have tested sso with openfire on centos and windows… I ran into a few issues with Java 8, but if you’re using java 7 on both the client and server, it should work.

Thanks Speedy. All of my users are currently using Pidgin to connect to Openfire. I doubt I will get them to change and honestly I have yet to be won over by the spark client.

However, I did grab the source and made the code changes to the SASLAuthentication.java file that Kalchenko mentions in this post: Openfire GSSAPI / Kerberos login no longer working with 3.10.0

I then built it out and used the openfire.jar from the build to replace the default in 3.10.2 and got my SSO working again. It looks like the changes have been committed and hopefully make it into the next version. Thanks again.