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Logging conference room chat - is there a MySQL solution?

Let me preface this all by saying that I am not a Java developer. In fact, I don’t know jack about Java. It wouldn’t kill me to learn, though.

I’ve been tasked with replacing the current chatroom/IM client/server that is used by Helpdesk with something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to license, the caveat being that it be able to keep a log of a full day’s conversation, that can be then archived to a share directory so all the head cheeses can read it, and for corporate compliance. I don’t kneed to have IMs logged, I just need the conference room chat logged. I’ve looked through the tables in the MySQL database, but I can’t find a ‘transcript’ of the room anywhere. Is this stored in MySQL? If it isn’t currently, can something be modified to store conversations in the database? If something can be modified, what, where and can someone point me to how to do this all?

I guess I need a big, giant help.

In the Admin console, under the Group Chat tab, I’ve created a persistent room (we need one to stay there all the time) I’m assuming that the persistence of the room doesn’t really matter. Apparently I missed the option at the bottom of the room options list to Log Room Conversations.

After enabling all those, and then waiting for a few messages to be posted into the room, I checked the MySQL database to see where the log would be saved, but I didn’t find it there. I did find it in the logs directory of Openfire, in a file called jive.audit-DATE-NUMBER. It’s listed as a text document, but looks like it’s formatted as an XML document.

Now the only thing left to do is create a PHP document to parse it and I should be set.

Hopefully I can push my manager towards the enterprise edition, since everything he wants is right there.