Logging conversations initiated through group chat system

Good evening. I’m currently running Openfire 3.6.4 under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with a MySQL database. I currently have the monitoring plugin logging chats, and it seems to be catching the standard communication you’d expect:

Group chats (chatroom@conference.server)

One-to-one chats initiated via the client “Buddy List” (i.e. bob@server to jane@server)

Sadly, a lot of one-to-one chats are being initiated via the group chat system, i.e. from chatroom@conference.server/bob to chatroom@conference.server/jane. These aren’t being logged by the Monitoring plugin. Is there any way for the monitoring plugin to catch these chats? Thanks!

I think I may have found a fix. I changed a couple of settings on the group chat itself:

Checked “Only login with registered nickname”

Changed “Show Real JIDs of Occupants to:” Anyone

One-to-one chats initiated via the group chat system are now from user@server/resource to otheruser@server/resource, and these conversations are now logged. Thanks!

This didn’t fix it for me… in fact, it prevented members of the room from joining the room. (I have “Make Room Members Only” enabled.)

I could really, really use a fix for this!

I posted this in another thread, too.

I am having this same problem and it is causing some major problems.

Archiving works fine for private chats created from the Contact List and Chat Rooms, but it does not work when double-clicking or right-click+Start A Chat from a Chat Room member list.

This is very frustrating and a HUGE problem for me.

Any luck solving your issue? What XMPP client are you currently using to connect to the Openfire Server?

Here’s some information about my installation, maybe it will help:

This is a small XMPP server with 15 users, one user group and one chat room.

All 15 users are placed in the user group.

End users all use Pidgin.

The chat room uses the following settings:

30 Maximum Occupants

Broadcast Presence for: Moderator, Participant, Visitor

No password protection

Show REal JIDs of Occupants to: Anyone

Room Options:

[X] List Room In Directory

[ ] Make Room Moderated

[ ] Make Room Members-only

[ ] Allow Occupants to invite Others

[ ] Allow Occupants to change Subject

[X] Only login with registered nickname

[X] Allow Occupants to change nicknames

[X] Allow Users to register with the room

[X] Log Room Conversations

Maybe there’s a difference in the way the client itself is initiating the chat?

We are using Spark 2.5.8 for the client.

The end users are initiating one-on-one chats from within a group chat window rather than the “buddy list”.

I found that the chats are being logged on the local machine, but not on the server. I really, really need the server to get a copy of these chats. Anyone have an idea?

Just a shot in the dark: are your archiving settings set up to catch one-to-one and/or group chats? Click Server, then Archiving, then on the left submenu, click “Archiving Settings”. See if “archive one-to-one chats” is checked.

If everything’s checked like it should be, are any logs being saved when you go to “Search Archive” and search for any results?

On the Archive Settings page, I have the following checked:

Archive one-to-one chats

Archive group chats

I believe this catches those two fine, but not private chats, which appear to be what happens when someone starts a conversation using the Chat window user list and not the Contact window user list.

I installed Spark 2.5.8 on a test machine to see if I could duplicate the issue. It appears the problem you’re having is client side, not server side. As best I can tell, when you (tdeniston, for example) double click a user that’s in the room (jgolightly, for example), Spark is initiating the chat from tdeniston@server to chatroom@conference.server/jgolightly. The archiving plugin can’t catch that.

I’d either file a bug report for Spark and see if the devs agree, or if your deployment is small enough, look for a client that initiates chat from a chat room outside the conference plugin.

I downloaded and installed Spark 2.6.0 beta 2 and this behavior still exists.

In the MUC Private Chat, hovering over the tab for that chat shows the following:

**Contact: **Room@conference.openfire/User1

**JID: **Room@conference.openfire/User1

The tab itself says “User1 - Room”.

I need to restrict what IM clients can be accessed, so I don’t think using a non-Spark IM client would work. I don’t have the skills to roll my own custom one, either.

I’m not logging information server side, but rather wanting to ensure that private messages initiated throuhg groupchat aren’t being logged into a separate log file. So for instance if you initiate a private message from groupchat to user bob, it will be the same as initating a private chat from the contacts list.

All of our users are trying to located private chat history, but there are always two different logs and it makes for a huge mess.