Logging every single chat conversation


Is there a way to log every single chat conversation, we have a LAN with 50 hosts, and urgently need to see what they are chatting about…

Many thanks.



Hi Facundo,

You might want to take a look ath Wildifre Enterprise it has a powerful archiving feature along with several other very cool features.

There’'s also the iBall logger (search the forms for details), but people have been having mixed results with it and to the best of my knowledge is not being actively maintained

Hope that helps,


Oops, I should have also mentioned that you can turn on Wildfires built-in message logging which dumps all the message traffic to an xml file, which while readable, isn’'t really easy to look through.

Yes i click that option… but none xml file…appear. with this xml i can help my problem for now… but under /opt/wildfire/logs there is none xml file…

Any ideas?


Have just tried with 3.0.1. Enabled Auditing, selected all pacjet types, send few messages between two clients and there are no audit logs in /logs directory. Apparently this feature is NOT working anymore.

UPD: Ok, it’'s working fahoo, try to lower Flush interval to get logs quicker. And they are not of type xml but log. e.g. jive.audit-20060805-000. And you have to select some type of packets. Message,Presence and IQ.