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Logging into Spark as a workstation rather than a user

My apologies if this is the wrong forum or already covered; I couldn’'t find an applicable thread.

Running Openfire on a 2003 Standard server. Openfire populates it’‘s user list from Active Directory and includes AD users as well as workstations. I would like to log into Spark as a workstation, rather than a user. Workstation’'s network names showing in Openfire are followed by a $. So I have questions:

If it is even possible, would I include the $ as part of the Openfire/Spark user name? (I assume so, but…)

Since Active Directory doesn’'t associate a password with a network name (computer name), what would Openfire be needing for a password? (I suspect this makes it impossible)



This might be difficult for you to do.

Computer objects in AD do have a password property, but for interactive login purposes, it is basically useless.

From what I understand, this password property is changed each time a Computer object authenticates to the domain ( or maybe at some specific interval – I’'m not exactly sure on the timing).

This is commonly used to you can query for all “Computer” type objects whose last password change was greater than X number of days ago, to help prune for old or defunct machines.

Perhaps you could modify your schema and add a separate “Spark Password” property for Computer objects? That’'s a bit over my head but sounds like it might accomplish what you want.




for Spark Single-Sign-On support is planed, but I guess it’'s planed for users and not for workstations. Maybe SSO could help you to use user accounts.


Great, I’'ll look into the password deeper and keep an eye out for SSO, that might actually work better for what I want anyhow.

Thanks guys.