Login error Popup


is it possible to suppress the login error popup when “auto login” and “Launch at startup” is enabled?

We are running spark in our LAN whith SSO. The notebook users that have “auto login” and “Launch at startup” enabled are getting the error popup when they are offline or on the road.

It could also help if spark wouldn´t start if it couldn´t authenticate.

Thanks for help



There is no such option. Normally the program should show an error message if it can’t login/connect. Maybe you should disable auto login for mobile users.

Thank you for your answer.

I think we will do some logon scripting so Spark will only start if the auth server is reachable.

But isn´t it a feature more people want to have, so it could be implemented as an option?

With having more and more “online” software a notebook user would get a lot of error popups when the OS starts offline. So it could help having the usability (autologin) when the server can be reached and the option that there will not be any error popup when the notebook is offline. Once the user is authenticated he already has the option to supress disconnect warnings when he gets offline (appearance configuration)…

I have filed you request as SPARK-1425. Though i don;t know who and when will be able to do this.