Login error

I have several people at my company, including myself that are getting the error “Invalid Username or password” it just started today and I am having no problem logging into Openfire website. Is this an issue with many people after the Java update to Java 8 Update 65? What can I do to fix or is there a Spark update coming soon. I am on Spark 2.7.3

I haven’t seen such problem. Spark 2.7.3 already includes Java 8 Update 66 (unless you use the online version of installer). I haven’t installed Update 65 on my system though, so i don’t know if it can affect Spark or no (went for 66). But i doubt Java update can cause this. Try restarting your server and see if this helps.

are you using sso?

No we are not

I got it fixed by uninstalling Openfire on the server, restarting the server and reinstalling the newest version of Openfire.