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Login failed

Hello all,

I have a question - I tried to install openfire as a basis for spark in order to get a good free lan based IM/VOIP for my home network.

I have WHS (which should be very similar to win 2003) server at home and several computers which I would like to use.

I tried to install the openfire on the server and everything went well until I was seppused to log in - when I got this massage:

“Login failed: make sure your username and password are correct and that you’re an admin or moderator.”

I used the same e-mail/pass I wrote down on the previus screen but it does not work.

I should state that I am a newbie and don’t have indepth understanding in networks etc. - I basically just wanted something that I can install and it will work (if skype had a lan version it would probobly would be good enough for me).

Any ideas what I should do?


hey bro i am new to this, don’t use email/pass use admin/pass e.g the usename is admin

Hi - Thanks for the reply.

Not sure I understand what you mean - should I use the user/pass of my server?

If so its strange since it asked me for a e-mail & pass in the final install screen and than automatically copied it to the login screen but it failed to work…


I am so stupid - I got it now!

Thanks a million.

I will write back if I will have any more problems.