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Login issue in Spark

Hello all,

In my LAN network, I have 10 computers and all are connected with one switch in network. I installed openfire server in admin computer and spark in all other computers. I have successfully connected all the computers. Now my problem is I have dynamic IP so its changing daily. So daily, I need to check admin computer’s IP and need to add that IP in all other computer’s spark server setting. So is there any way to fix it. I don’t want to change it daily. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

Ask your network administrator to make it a static IP for the server (it is possible to do this with DHCP also, by reserving an IP to a particular MAC address, or just making this IP not available for other computers, bu that depends on your network setup and hardware). Or make the server use some name and add it to a DNS, so when IP changes it automatically assigns new IP to that name so you won’t have go and change IP on every PC. This is a basic networking stuff.