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Login problem


I am trying to login to Openfire. I used the default database and did not use LDAP or AD or any other form of database. I created the email account for admin@…com in my exchange and active directory. But, I am not sure what is the administrator login ID and password.

How do I find out what is the admin userid and password to log in and setup the users.




I just had the same problem. I got rid of it simply by restarting the openfire service… hope this helps

if you did not create a specific admin account or use LDAP and specify a specific use rthe default username is admin and the default password is admin

Thanks for the reply. I tried that earlier and now and it did not help.

Any other suggestions in how I can change it in a configuration file or a text file that would help me to login?



did you restart the openfire server after the install like the annlouncements at the top of the page say to do.

Yes, I did restart it. There should be a location where it should have the admin password that can be reset manually. Where can I find the configuration file?



There is no such place. You would need to manually edit the database, and most times this does not work. I would instead rerun the config of the server. Stop the server and edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false. The go to the admin website and step through the config again.