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Login related issue

404 Invalid SID error passed by openfire whenver i tried to login to openfire on different tab or window of browser.

How to enable multiple login . Plz help… I am stuck here…

Are you talking about login to Admin Console? Then i can’t reproduce that on Firefox and IE. Because it just opens Admin Console in a new tab already logged in with the previous tab’s credentials.

No i am talking about XMPP login to server.

Lets say user with id (abc@abc.com) tried to login to XMPP server installed on abc.com .

When he/she login for first time , XMPP server allows that, but when he/she tries to login from different tab or browser, XMPP server send invalid SID to first connection and establish this connection.

So my problem is this:** Unable to establish multiple connection with XMPP server for same user.**

If you want to have multiple connections with the same JID (jabber id), then you have to use resources: abc@abc.com/reource1, abc@abc.com/resource2. Messages usually will be sent to a resource with higher (bigger) priority. There is also a system property to route messages to all resources.