Logon on Startup not working with limited users

I am unable to get a user with limited rights to have Spark launch when they slect Launch on Startup. Before the final release I had put a shortcut in the startup folder for it to launch for them but since the final release has this option to Launch on Startup I removed it from the startup folder and now it does not lauch for them. If I logon the computer with Admin account then all works great. I set the program folder to give the limited users read / write access so the other functions would work. Without having to go back and put a shortcut in the startup folders again how can I fix this problem?

Hi - I have the same problem. I don’'t seem to have Spark adding itself to any point of “autostart” - i.e. nothing in registry or otherwise. Any advice?


I expect that Spark uses the Registry and there the more or less famous HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key to place there a link to Spark.