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hi to all… i have installed the client monitoring and i just like to log all things, were i can find the report for that or the file itself so i can print it for checking…



i have yesterday installaing the monitor.

You must login into the Admin Panel…then you have 2 more buttons @ Server:

Statistics , Archiving.

Click Archiving -> Archiving Settings and enabled what you log.

The logs did you see @

Archiving -> Search Archive

All of Any, and then search…and you see down the conversations.

yes, i have already enable those feature, but what i mean is how can i view those logs or if ever where can i find it… by the way thanks for the quick response…


Ah ok, yeah i search the logs to, i will clean it with many test entries from me xD but i dont find anyone.

You mean view with, where the logs save?!

Then read the chat conversations can you over the admin panel.

the log your saying do not show those things… i just like to know were are conversation log reside… do they reside in the database (i’m using MySQL).

They are in the database in the ofMessageArchive table.