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Long connection time with SSL


i have a issue with the SSL connection. When i try to initiate a connection to the openfire server the connection needs about 5-7 seconds to be established. When i turn off SSL, it only needs 1 second.

I use a self signed certifcate and i’m wondering if this could be the reason?

I’am using a very strong server, so it think its not a performance problem.

Do you have any ideas what it could be?



Do you mean self-signed certificate generated by Openfire or your own certificate? I have no problem with Openfire’s own self-signed certificates. Login in Spark a few seconds. Maybe it is a bit longer than plain text, but that’s understandable (enconding, decoding, etc.).

It’s a self signed certificate by openfire. I have read that some guys made their login,authentication in 1-2 seconds.

Would it make the login procedure faster when i use a signed certificate from a authority (Commodo), instead of the self signed openfire certificate?


I haven’t used signed certificate with Openfire, so can’t say for sure, but i don’t think it should be faster or slower. Something else is happening in your setup. Maybe there is something related in the logs.

Create 3 stacktrace with jstack during the handshake. The threads should be all in the same state and one may be able to identify the problem.


i have made several dumps with jstack, but i cant see a handshake process there.

I purchased a signed certificate and made my login faster about 1,9 seconds, without any modifications at my login code.(The client needs definitly longer to validate the self signed certificate on his own, than asking the CA)

Now SASL procedure needs to be optimized and 2 seconds for login and online state could be possible.