LONG data type is not used more in Oracle

Long is no longer used in Oracle and only exists for compatibility with older systems.

You can only have one long field per table.

** Solution:** switch to CLOB or NCLOB.

Official documentation:

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"LONG Datatype


Do not create tables with LONG columns. Use LOB columns (CLOB, NCLOB) instead. LONG columns are supported only for backward compatibility.

Oracle also recommends that you convert existing LONG columns to LOB columns. LOB columns are subject to far fewer restrictions than LONG columns. Further, LOB functionality is enhanced in every release, whereas LONG functionality has been static for several releases.

Columns defined as LONG can store variable-length character data containing up to 2 gigabytes of information. LONG data is text data that is to be appropriately converted when moving among different systems.

LONG datatype columns are used in the data dictionary to store the text of view definitions. You can use LONG columns in SELECT lists, SETclauses of UPDATE statements, and VALUES clauses of INSERT statements.

See Also:

  • Oracle Database Advanced Application Developer’s Guide for information about the restrictions on the LONG datatype
  • “Overview of RAW and LONG RAW Datatypes” for information about the LONG RAW datatype"

Fonte: Oracle Data Types

 Monitoring plug has two tables with LONG type:
  • ofMessageArchive
    • Column Body;
    • Column Stanza.
  • ofRRDs
    • Column Bytes.

      I did not check too Openfire tables.

Correcting only the table ofMessageArchive