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Long login time to Openfire servers in Spark

First i blamed Spark. But i have now tried to login to jabber.at in Spark and it is almost instant. Logging in to my test Openfire server on the same machine (localhost) takes 5 seconds maybe in average. To igniterealtime.org sometimes 10 seconds. So, it seems that maybe something on Openfire is causing this. I think it started maybe 5-6 months ago. So maybe since Openfire 4.5.2.

I’ve seen this too, but haven’t investigated yet. I do think it relates to our setup, and not so much to Spark.

I’m wondering if it relates to clustering, which we enabled on Ignite a couple of weeks ago. Another possible cause is an invalid DNS record.

I don’t have clustering on my test server and as it is on localhost this should not be a DNS issue.


must investigate