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Long time user. What happened to devel?

I was a long time user of Openfire and Spark for years. I stopped some time ago because the development seemed to be stagnating. Even now, the latest version of Spark is from 2007.

Has the development path changed? Are there plans to reopen this project for future releases?

My company is expressing an interest in a real time communication platform and Openfire/Spark was the first thing to come to mind, but with such a lag in release schedules, I can’t come to them with this.

For now we are working on Spark 2.6 (You can download it from svn). And when i have time i’m creating on new modules (but last i have few time to develop spark).

As Konstantin said, there are a few people doing some work in their spare time, but there is too much work to be done, so no schedule for next releases is available. Openfire is in a bit better situation, but it lacks activity too.