Looking for a advertisement-plugin


I’m looking for a Spark-Plugin, that shows a small advertising- banner and/or text in the head of Spark and when the user click on it a website will be opened in the Browser.

The banner, text and target-website should be configured in openfire.

The plugin must be installed in Spark by default and the user isn’t allowed to disable it.

Did anybody know such a plugin or is anybody able to create such a plugin for me? (and whats your price)

And I’m sorry for my bad english.



I believe there’s no such thing available for Spark right now.

On the plugin idea, AFAIK (someone correct me if I’m wrong)…

Plugins can be disabled simply by removing the plugin file from the plugins path. Your best bet would be a patch for the client where your desired features were implemented. One of the problems would be that to upgrade to a new Spark version you should patch again the Spark source code and what worked for the initial version where your code was added might require more work to get it working in a newer version.

Thank you,

the missing upgrade-compatibility would be a real problem.

I think i’ll need a new idea to integrate advertisement to Spark.

Do you think a “global message” would be a solution?


The MOTD can be in a XHTML like format. An text-based advertisement would be possible with the message of the day plugin in Openfire. If you want a banner like version, we may have to enhance the format of the broadcast thing.



you can build internal plugins wich will only require a minimum effort to upgrade when newer versions come out

internal plugins can not be unloaded

internal plugins:

  • bookmarks

  • broadcast

  • privacy


the MODT is not the solution because it seems to be shown only once per message and user. So I have to create a message every day.

Well, MOTD can be modified. You just need someone with Java programming skills for 10-20 days.

an internal plugin that shows a xhtml-formated message once a day, when the user logs in.

Like a MOTD in the broadcast-window, only in a separate window.

The user isn’t allowed to write messages by himself.

He is allowed to close the window and open it again with a new message if it has been changed.

yes, that’s what i need.

Are you able to create the internal plugin? anyone else?

I’ve got an other question:

Is it possible, to save more user-information in openfire e.q. *company, interests *and find clients by this additional information (with Spark)? Because how will I find anybody, when I’m new on a server and don’t know user -names and -ids? So it would be nice to search for people by interests or in our (future) case, people of a special company.

Oh, and is it possible to send an invitation to an other user by e-mail?

The mail-content is configured in openfire. The Spark-User push a button named “invite people” and fill in the e-mail-address. Than openfire will send the mail filled with some placeholder.



Might this is the solution?


I’m so sorry.

i’ve installed the actual version of spark now. And - I can’t it - is possible to add HTML-Code and also images to the motd.

Thanks @all