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Looking for a Openfire Developer

We are developing a Openfire based support platform, and have gotten the core system designed. We are looking for a developer who is disntiguished in the following fields:



  • Openfire
  • Spark
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • C
  • .net
  • English Speaking/Skype

Not Required But Beneficial

  • Asteisks and Sip Phone Development
  • CSS/HTML Clean design

I can’t give out to many details about the project, but if you have the abilities listed and would like to apply, please send all resumes to hr{a-t}supportnerds.com. If we like your resume we will contact you to discuss the project further. We assure that this project is a nice project to work on and should be a decent amount of steady work and money.


**If we have posted this in the wrong forum area, I apologize, please move us to the correct area.


Will this person be allowed to commit code changes + fixes back upstream to ignite?


It depends. Some parts we may allow back, some we may not, it just depends, because we don’t want to give a competitor a free ride on our paid development. If I understand correctly, as long as we purchase the license, were not required to?

However anyone wanting to do it as a project of there own as a gift to the community, we can find a project you can work on that we do not mind being released back to the community. We are flexible to hearing what you have to offer.

Oh, and to add, 100% of any fixes you do to the original software under us can be submitted back to the community. We do want to help give back what we can but obvously you can understand protecting some of your own development.


I am only concerned with bug fixes in the code igniterealtime provides.


I dont know that Jive is even willing to sell comercial licenses for Openfire anymore, thus any development on the openfire codebase (anything in svn) would need to be released back. However, if you develop a plugin, that should be ok to remain under a commercial license. Depending on your specific needs and how much time it will take, I might fit the bill; Ive done other projects with openfire in the past. Send me a private message and we can discuss details.