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Looking for a solution

I currently use 3 different IM clients on 3 different systems (pidgin on an ubuntu umpc, adiumx and colloquy on 2 different macs). The problem is that I end up with logs in different formats, periods where I’m sort of in one place but signed in at another, and might miss messages if I disconnect while in transit, etc. What I want is to have central logging of my chat/IM sessions, across multiple IM protocols, and persistent sessions that I can pick up from multiple locations/clients.

I think I can get the former with the “Monitoring” plugin, right? I can have it log all of my conversations, across multiple openfire accounts each connected to mutiple IM transports? Can I easily make those logs browsable by my end user account (and not just root)? And how are the logs organized (by jabber account, transport, buddy, and date?)

The middle requirement (multiple IM protocols) I know is handled by the “IM Gateway”/Kraken plugin. I’ve already posted some questions on the Kraken forum.

The last is the persistent sessions. I know yahoo and google will save messages while I’m away, but I want both that “queue up my messages for me while I"m away” functionality, but I also want it to make it appear that I’m still logged in even when I’m not. This is most like an IRC Bouncer (an IRC proxy that queues up messages for you while you’re disconnected, makes it look like you’re always logged in, and allows you to access your persistent session from multiple clients/locations) … or like an old Unix Screen session. I can log out of my pidgin client, and go over to my mac and fire up AdiumX, and I wont miss any messages that were sent in between (not just on Yahoo and Jabber, but on AIM, MSN, and IRC as well) nor will my buddies even know I was gone temporarily (they shouldn’t even see me change status if I don’t want them to).

Can OpenFire do the latter? Would a plugin enable that, or would I need a “Jabber Bouncer” to sit between OpenFire and my client? I know Jabber can do a certain amount of multiple-session capability, with session names and priorities, but that doesn’t necessarily queue up your messages nor make you appear to be logged in even when you’re not. Nor do I think it sends all of your messages to all of your clients (or will it do that if they’re of equal priority?)

Anyone know how to solve the persistent session/bouncer part? and how the Monitoring plugin will or wont address my logging goal?