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Looking for best ideas for chat logging


I am looking to use xmpp with openfire for an application that will have one-to-one chat as well as a shoutbox facility. I was wondering how to go about storing the conversations until i found the monitoring plugin. I enabled it and it works great. only problem is that when i send a message and then check the database table for a record, it takes too long before a record gets added. The reason i want message logging in the first place is that when a user refreshes the page, he will be shown last few lines of the conversation fetched from the db. With such a time gap between the receiving of the message and it getting stored in the db, there is a chance that the user may miss a few lines of the chat when he refreshes the page.

My question is whether the monitoring plugin right for the problem or is there a better way to achieve this ?

I am using the strophe js library.



do you want to use a 3rd party programm to access the Openfire database and to display the messages?

I really wonder whether the plugin delays storing the message. Which database are you using?



Thanks for replying. I already have an application in php and mysql with its own database . The openfire database is a different but its still mysql. I just need the recent chat from the openfire db. What i plan to do is , when i want to get the recent chat, i will make a connection to the OF database.

And I confirmed it one more timeā€¦ the plugin does delay storing messages.

want to know if theres a better way of doing this. I am sure someone must have tried this before