Looking for custom OpenFire development

Hello all

I am looking for consultancy on OpenFire development (Windows platform only).

What i need is the following:

  1. Add ability to allow file transfers (and any other form of data sharing) based on subnets.
  • add admin option to allow users to send files to any other user on the same subnet
    (e.g. user on can send to but not to

  • add admin option to disallow file transfer altogether

  1. invoke custom hooks on out-of-band data
    * additional data we would like to store is logging online hours, etc.

Ideally the server could call some C#/C++ DLL (which we would write) when a special message received from

an IM client. The DLL can do what it needs to with the data without further changes to OpenFire.

  1. Restrict per message byte length
    * add admin option to control how many bytes an individual message can contain

  2. Changes, if any, required to support general publish-subscribe functionality

Maybe there is stuff out there already that does this, perhaps some of this is trivial - in any case, i am offering to pay for someone’s time to implement the above features in OpenFire and support the changes thereafter at least for a short while.

If anyone is interested, please contact me