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Looking for feature list comparison of group chat implementations

I’m working with a company I just started with to get group chat up and running. My previous experience is with MS Group Chat (formerly MindAlign), but the company I’m working with doesn’t have OCS which is required by MS Group Chat. I’m looking for a group chat implementation that has the following features:

  1. Invites - After creating a conf room, I should be able to invite a group of users to join the room
  2. Unread chat notification - An rooms where the chat is not visible should show the number of unread messages
  3. Contextual history on join - when logging into the client, every room join should load the last X messages for context
  4. Client side filters - when a message is received by the client, it runs the list of filters and when one is matched, an alert is thrown
  • Filter by room, sender, content
  • Alert per filter, with options to: flash app bar, toast message, sound, dialog window

Do any of these features exist in the OpenFire implementation of group chat or any compatible plugins?

What clients can support these features?

Is there a list with the features of the various group chat products (servers and clients), especially those that integrate with OpenFire?