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Looking for help creating a small messenger app with audio capabilities

Hi there,

I am really new to the xiff world and I am looking for some information to get me started. For a final year project, i am trying to create a messenger application which can be embedded into a website or forum and allow the students to communicate via text or speech. I was wondering if anyone had any information, i.e. useful websites or articles to get me started. I have used the XIFFExample and found it slightly confusing, any help at all would be grately appreciated.



I am not really sure but perhaps using xiff and flash to create a messenger with audio capabilities may not be the ideal choice. xiff is very good for handling the clientside xml however I am not so sure about the audio streaming.

Hopefully someone will give you a good tip about this subject. As I see it you should check something like libjingle for the audio stuff (voip). I have no intention to move you away from xiff. Just trying to broaden the alternatives ;D

good luck