Looking for Openfire/SSO paid configuration help!

Spent the last few days trying to get Openfire 3.7.1 to work with my Windows SBS 2003 AD and Kerberos. I’ve been through every link I could find, ran through multiple walkthroughs and tried all I could to get it to work from my Windows 7 laptop.

The server functions just fine if I use password authentication. The Ubuntu server that Openfire is running on appears to authenticate just fine to Kerberos.

The issue seems to be at my workstation.

I’ve attached a log file from Spark that show the SASL authentication failing.

As I’ve stated, I am will to pay to have this issue resolved as I have spent way too much time on it already.

Thanks in advance to someone smarter than me!!


spark-log.txt.zip (790 Bytes)