Looking to join as a Spark Contributor

We use spark heavily at work (rolling it out to many departments / users - roughly 1800 users). I am highly interested in getting involved-in-and-getting my-hands-dirty-with spark. I currently work as a Programmer Analyst developing our Kuali suite of systems. I am pretty up to snuff on both Java and SVN so I expect I can dive pretty much head first into this .

Because of my work schedule, I would be able to dedicate mostly hours on the weekend or free cycles throughout the week.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your interest. Please start off by creating a Jira account and I’ll get you some elevated privs there. Then write some patches and build up some trust with the current Spark developers. Once they are happy, we’ll get you up and going on SVN. Sound good?


Sounds great!


Created my JIRA account - mikemcmahon is my username.

It is always great to see another contributor joining the team

Daryl, can you also add Mike to Spark devs group in Jira, so i would be able to assign issues to him?


Strange. Still can’t see him in the list of assignees. Maybe it should take some time for him to appear? You can check yourself. SPARK-1089

Hmmm, I am not sure. He appears in the spark-developers list on Jira

Odd? I went ahead and assigned the issue to myself.